OxyGuard was one of the first companies in the world dedicated to providing metering, monitoring and control equipment to fish farms. They manufacture revolutionary products that have become the instruments of choice in the highly competitive aquaculture and environmental industries. Having worked in an exclusive partnership for over 20 years, Technolab can integrate a tailored OxyGuard system into your farm or hatchery in a simple, reliable and cost effective way.

Hand Held Meters

OxyGuard Handy meters set the standard world wide for hand held dissolved oxygen meters.

OxyGuard Handy hand held oxygen meters have proved their worth all over the world since 1989, with the introduction of the Oxyguard Handy Mk 1 representing the revolution in practical measuring instruments. Before then the hand-held DO meters were expensive, fragile, slow and could not withstand getting wet.

The Handy Mk 1 corrected all of this. It could also float! Other instruments followed – all popular and with very long lifetimes. The Oxyguard Mk 1 is still being repaired it lasts that long! The new cylindrical design introduced in 1997 proved very popular, and is still being used today. The Handy Polaris is a versatile instrument that combines features of several predecessors at a very affordable price. In 2009 the Polaris was followed up with the Polaris 2 with datalogging and data transfer capabilities.

In addition to these products there is also the Handy Atmosphere for measuring modified atmosphere packaging gas and the Handy pH. These two instruments use similar transmitter technology to the Polaris to give exceptional ease of use.

OxyGuard also have in their range the Handy Salinity for salinity measurement and the Polaris 2 TGP for total gas measurement.

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On-Line Systems

OxyGuard was founded to meet the need for comprehensive yet easy to use stationary, multichannel dissolved oxygen monitoring and alarm systems for use in aquaculture. This need was met with devices that set new standards for metering and monitoring equipment and devices that OxyGuard refer to as No- Nonsense-Measurement Equipment. The same philosophy lies behind all OxyGuard equipment.

The product program has extended, and is still being extended, to include a wide range of meters, monitors, data loggers and probes, single and multichannel, for a wide range of uses in aquaculture, environmental care, waste water treatment and the industry in general. Dissolved oxygen is still the prime parameter, but Oxyguard now also manufactures equipment for the measurement of oxygen in gas, temperature, pH and redox as well as oxygen dosing equipment.

OxyGuard Commander is a system that can control the operation of the entire fish farm.  Commander includes some very advanced functions, but you only purchase what you need, so it is ideal for smaller or less complicated systems. There is no limit to the size of a Commander system.

OxyGuard Pacific is a a measuring, monitoring and control system designed for use in fish farms. It is both multichannel and multi-parameter, and forms a modular small-size complete system. A member of the Commander series of equipment, it can be used both as a stand-alone system or as part of a larger Commander system.

OxyGuard Atlantic is a single channel oxygen meter with some advanced functions and comes at a very reasonable price. It has set points, timers and output relays that can be linked to obtain the desired function, as well as a current loop output.

The OxyLog is a battery powered DO and temperature meter with data logging function. It is designed to be left in the field to measure and log values in streams and lakes.

OxyGuard also have available Displays and Alarms used on 4-20mA signals.

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OxyGuard launched their first probe onto the world market in 1987. A few variations later and the range of probes that OxyGuard produce are better than ever before.  OxyGuard now offers a wide range of probes that provide reliable and accurate oxygen measurement in an even wider range of uses.