Whatever your filtration or separations need you can rely on Pall to provide a proven solution.  Wherever you are located we can provide a food and beverage process specialist to support you.  Pall have the widest range of filtration and separations technology in the world, providing unique, cost-effective solutions to your processing challenges.

Market applications

Pall products offer water bottlers an economical and complete range of filtration and laboratory optimized for the filtration and analysis of bottled water as well as make up water in beverage processes.  As a worldwide major supplier to the industry, applications include particle removal, cyst/oocyst and microbiological protection for bottled water, and sterile gas filtration for carbonation and counter pressure gases.  We also provide a complete line of laboratory products designed to detect particulate and microbial contamination.

Manufacturers of cheese, market milk and dairy ingredients worldwide rely on Pall as the company to meet their filtration product, service and process safety requirements.  Our filtration solutions satisfy the spectrum of filtration requirements ranging from general-purpose clarification all the way up to high-end protein separations.

From chill haze removal in brown spirits to activated carbon treatment in white spirits to final filtration in low alcohol beverages, Pall technology and expertise can help you reduce costs, improve yield, and maintain complete process control.  With unique depth filter technology and innovative high flow filter configurations developed specifically to meet the challenging requirements of spirits filtration, Pall can bring sustainable value to your production process.

The food and food ingredient manufacturing industry is an increasingly competitive and global environment, challenged with creating high quality, innovative products that are safe, healthy and convenient to use.

In the face of rising raw material and energy costs, producers are focusing on value, measuring cost of ownership, and implementing sustainable production methods to achieve their economic goals.

On a daily basis around the globe, Pall Food and Beverage partners with our customers to provide countless filtration, separation and purification solutions, enabling food manufacturers to achieve their goals and protect their brands.

We treat a wide array of process fluids, such as natural, alternative and high intensity sweeteners, gelatin, indsutrial enzymes, amino acids, acidulants, flavours, extracts, seasonings, hydrocolloids, fermentation products and many others. Creating value-adding ingredients from traditional fluids is increasingly made possible by cutting-edge separation and purification technologies.

Whether for proven solutions or challenging new applications, food manufacturers can count on expertise and collaboration from the combined experience and knowledge of Technolab and Pall working together.

The beer making process must meet high standards for preserving the unmistakable taste, flavour, purity and freshness of a particular brew.  Creating that unique taste and maintaining uniformity of flavour from bottle to bottle, brewery to brewery, from brand to brand requires delicate precision.  Pall offers a full range of value-added products that are the number one choice for breweries worldwide.

Pall filtration technology provides many benefits for the soft drinks industry including the most important – the sparkling bright product consumers expect and demand.  Proper filtration also helps maintain the correct level of carbonation and protects filling heads and sparging elements from blockage by removing particulate material.

Creating a wine’s unique bouquet while respecting the taste and intensity of flavour from bottle to bottle is a delicate balancing act. Clarification and stabilization, polish filtration, yeast and bacteria removal, final filtration for microbial stabilization and utility water and gas filtration are all vital to maintaining that balance.

Contaminants such as particles, crystals, treatment residue, organic aggregates, bacteria and yeast can jeopardize the wine’s taste.  Applying Pall’s technology and expertise to the art of wine-making can remove risk and and maintain total process control.