Technolab are the exclusive Distributors in Tasmania for the full range of Olympus microscopy products.  Technolab not only provide new microscopes for clients but also have access to any spare parts or servicing that may be required for your existing Olympus microscope.

The world of Microscopy is to provide medical professionals with a clear and focused view of the area that will allow them to determine a more accurate diagnosis.

  • Upright – Olympus Australia offers upright microscopes to suit a range of applications from educational to highly sophisticated scientific research. Olympus is renowned for robust, upgradeable frames and the highest quality optics in the industry with our infinity corrected optical system UIS2. Included in the family of Olympus upright microscopes are the newly released BX3 series and CX2 series of upright microscopes.
    • CX Series – The CX2 Series of microscopes continue the renowned Olympus pedigree for exceptional quality and outstanding performance in the medical and educational arenas. The NEW CX22LED and CX22 (Halogen) set new standards for durability and dependability in educational and clinical microscopes for biological applications. The CX31 and CX41 offer unparalleled versatility with extraordinary value. And the entire CX2 Series incorporates the award winning Olympus UIS2 optics.
    • BX 3 Series New – A revolutionary new standard in operating comfort and image efficiency. The Olympus BX43/BX46/BX53 series defines a revolutionary new standard in laboratory and clinical microscopy. Ergonomic design can provide enhanced operator confort during long hours of use, with an intuitive control layout for fast, efficient observation and imaging.
    • BX W1 Series – The BX51WI is a special-purpose research microscope designed for electrophysiology. The BX51WI provides the stability crucial for patch clamping and is equipped with dedicated water immersion objectives designed for near IR illumination at 775 and 990nm. The WI line of objectives is designed with long working distances and large approach angles for manipulator access. The optical system is tailored for high-contrast, high-resolution imaging under the challenging conditions of thick brain slice observation.
  • Inverted – Olympus Australia offers a broad range of inverted microscope options to suit your lab requirement and budget, including the new IX3 Series. The Olympus IX3 and CKX ranges are both renowned for their flexibility, with a wide range of accessories, optics and imaging solutions available. We work closely with customers across a wide breadth of industries to understand their inverted microscopy needs, including Clinical, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences.
    • CKX Series – The CKX microscopes utilize the infinity-corrected optical system for improved visibility and operability in cell checking. The CKX31 is a cost-effective inverted microscope suited to routine applications in a range of fields from tissue culture and embryology to immunology and pharmacology. Olympus has taken this one step further with the CKX41 developing a modular design approach with the capability of a fluorescence illuminator for GFP; documentation of images with digital imaging and video monitoring.
    • IX3 Series – The Olympus IX3 series offers manual and motorized inverted microscopes designed for flexible use across multiple discipline areas, including Clinical, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences. The modular design offers extraordinary system flexibility and facilitates future upgrades.
  • Stereo – The Olympus series of stereo microscopes offer the best in three-dimensional images, highest resolution and large working distances. The SZ series provides ergonomic comfort for routine work while the SZX series meets the requirements of research users, offering long working distance, wide zoom range, excellent image clarity and easy operation as well as fluorescence options.
    • SZ Series – The standards set by the new SZ61 and SZ51 are a revelation. The newly developed “Comfort View” eyepiece design and the accessible, responsive controls make operation easier and less fatiguing than ever before. The compact design, incorporating the Greenough optical system, delivers excellent flatness and ample depth of field as well as clarity, detail, and accurate color.
    • SZX Series – The Olympus SZX microscope system represents a new class of research stereo microscope — one that pioneers an advance in performance with the potential to take users beyond the conventional imaging limitations in modern biological research. Long working distance, wide zoom range, excellent image clarity and easy operation are matched by a modular system whose compatibility with different imaging devices lets users create the wide range of application-dedicated configurations they need.


Advanced imaging applications require highly specialised equipment and Olympus specialise with sophisticated imaging systems.

  • Cameras – The finest cameras from the one of the world’s most respected manufacturers. Olympus offer a range of cameras that are designed to provide industry leading performance.
    • Digital Colour – Olympus digital cameras provide the highest sensitivity with high-speed imaging characteristics for your experiments. Olympus offers a complete range of state of the art cameras with a dynamic range and resolution that are easy to operate
    • Digital Monochrome – The XM10 monochrome camera delivers high signal-to-noise and rapid frame rate for a wide range of research imaging applications at an attractive price. Complete integration with new Olympus cellSens software ensures exceptional ease-of-use in manual or automated image acquisition.
    • Universal Cameras – Benefit from Olympus’ s long experience in digital imaging with the universal digital colour cameras for brightfield and fluorenscence microscopy. High-performance and cost effectiveness are our signature.
  • Software – From basic image acquisition to complex image processing, analysis and reporting, Olympus Australia has the right solution for you.
    • Lifescience Software – Whether you need image capture software dependably to acquire and store images, or to automate multi-dimensional imaging research, the new cellSens software delivers the utmost in personalisation for rewarding imaging experiments time after time. The Olympus cellSens platform creates a uniquely personal and intuitive imaging experience based on your preferred workflow. With cellSens you have full control over the display and placement of icons, toolbars and controls to simplify your desktop and enhance your productivity.
    • Industrial Software -The Olympus analysis software family presents a range of image-processing solutions especially designed for materials labs. The range of products spans simple single workstation solutions for first-time buyers as well as good-value-for-money multi-user systems, including complex networking of entire labs hooked up to company intranet, extranet and internet. The Olympus analysis family comprises flexible and high-performance software solutions for digital image acquisition, image processing, analysis and evaluation, image archiving, document management and report generation.