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The OxyGuard CO2 is a reliable and easy to use instrument that measures the free dissolved carbon dioxide concentration directly in the water. The CO2 concentration is shown on the display and there is an analogue output.

The OxyGuard CO2 measures the free dissolved CO2 directly and is not affected by carbonates or other dissolved substances. It is the free dissolved CO2 – in other words the CO2 gas partial pressure – that affects the fish. The OxyGuard CO2 gives simple, continuous and direct measurements of the amount of carbon dioxide in the water.

The analyser is easy to calibrate using the front panel “slope” and “zero” adjustments, which you just put the probe in the water and measure. Calibration intervals are long and the added bonus is the OxyGuard CO2 does NOT need regular maintenance.


Size = Probe is 40 mm diameter x 140 mm. Cable length is 7 metres.  Meter is 120 x 120 x 58 mm. Calibration beaker 65 mm diameter x 58 mm.

Weight = Probe with cable and transmitter 1.0 kg.

Calibration accessories is 1.0 kg.

Supply = 230 VAC (115 VAC or 24 V DC on request).

Range = 0 - 50 mg/l dissolved carbon dioxide.

Operating conditions = 3 - 35 C.

Accuracy = Depends on calibration. Practical accuracy up to +/- 1 mg/l.

Response time = Typically 5 minutes at 20 C depending on flow velocity past the probe. In still water up to 15 minutes.

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