OxyGuard pH and Redox probe

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The OxyGuard pH and Redox probes are fully waterproof so they can be completely submerged causing no moisture problems.  With an impedance converter inside the probe this also means no electrical disturbance issues either!

The probes have three basic designs - free mount, flow-through or screw-in mounting.  The probe also connects with an ordinary cable. With a wide range of fittings as well as custom design probes available.

Light duty pH electrodes have a wide variety of uses in - drinking water, aquaculture systems, rivers, streams, lakes, ponds and the sea.

Heavy duty pH electrodes are used for waste water, industrial use and agricultural use.

The Redox/ORP electrode is used for redox measurements.

The OxyGuard range really are designed for a no-nonsense measurement probe.

  • Operating conditions = PVC probe. 10 bar at 25C, 2 bar at 60 C.
  • Size = Maximum diameter 50 mm, height approximately 225 mm (to top of cable gland).
  • Thread Mount Type = 1" BSP thread.
  • Threaded Top Type = With 1" BSP thread on top part of probe.
  • Light Duty pH electrodes = pH 0 - 14, T: 0 - 60 C; Pmax 6 bar (at 25 C). For aquaculture, drinking water, rivers etc.
  • Heavy Duty pH electrodes = pH 0 - 14; T: 0 - 130 C; Pmax 6 bar (at 25 C).  For waste water, agricultural and industrial use.

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