Game changing cloud-based aquaculture management platform

This cloud-based software has a user-friendly design with benefits for fish farmers, suppliers to the aquaculture industry and retailers enabling them to see a reduction in production and administration time. The software basically allows you to control and evaluate every part of your production. You can access your facility in real-time from anywhere using your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

We have partnered with Microsoft cloud to guarantee the highest level of security and fast and easy access.

Your data can be shared with your suppliers to enable to give them tailored advice based on your specific farm's conditions. For example, your feed supplier can tailor feed specifically to the needs of your farm based on real data.

OxyGuard have created this software so all measurable data is analysed, collated, recorded and distributed, with full control given to the end user on data they wish to share. Processes are streamlined and more efficient, with greater transparency and a reduction in your facilities environmental impact.

Our goal has been to develop a user-friendly and easy-to-use system that the fish farmer could quickly adopt.

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Functions and Features

Collect all your production data

  • Get LIVE updates with warnings and alarms
  • Manage feeding, grading, biomass and casualties
  • Register stock, parameters, additives, samples
  • Gain insight from various useful data reports

Eliminate the paperwork

• Track and trace online
• Planning of tasks
• Quick online, individual adjustments
• Easy control and fast overview for users

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