For almost 30 years Technolab have been delivering aquaculture solutions for a wide variety of applications.

We design systems using world class technology which gives long term reliability, installed and backed up with highly trained, experienced consultants.

Technolab’s reliable aquaculture solutions are based on our strength as the exclusive distributors in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Region for both OxyGuard and Hydrotech products, the world class leaders in water quality monitoring equipment and micro screen drum and disc filters.

Technolab have been providing the aquaculture industry with portable instruments through to designing and installing complex monitoring and control systems across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East.

Technolab’s strength in the industry and what sets us apart from our competitors is;

  • 25+ years of delivering aquaculture solutions to a wide variety of applications
  • Our in depth knowledge of the requirements for monitoring, control and filtration in the aquaculture industry
  • We can provide a turnkey solution to our client delivering design, documentation, to the complete installation of your system
  • We have a committed, highly trained after sales-service team that can provide the support when you need it, anytime of the day – if required.
  • Our reputation for providing systems and solutions that just work!
  • With a team of engineers and sub-contractors at our disposable we can design and build our custom designed systems that meet your specifications.
  • Delivering systems to a wide variety of clients from commercial fish farms, research and educational institutions, live fish transport companies and government agencies.
  • Working with our industry partners Fresh by Design and RADAQUA we can seamlessly deliver systems that meet your needs every time.

At Technolab our vision has always been to support you, our clients with the best products and service in the aquaculture industry.


Having worked in an exclusive partnership for over 20 years, Technolab can integrate a tailored OxyGuard system into your farm or hatchery in a simple, reliable and cost effective way.

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Technolab works exclusively with Hydrotech Sweden who develop and manufacture high performance filter systems.


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