OxyGuard Portable Dissolved CO2 Analyser

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Direct Measurement of Dissolved Carbon Dioxide.

The OxyGuard CO2 Portable is a reliable and easy to use instrument that measures the free dissolved carbon dioxide concentration directly in the water. The CO2 concentration is shown on the display, and there is an analogue output. A version with built-in data logger is available.

The OxyGuard CO2 measures the free dissolved CO2 directly and is not affected by carbonates or other dissolved substances. It is the free dissolved CO2 – in other words the C02 gas partial pressure – that affects the fish. The OxyGuard CO2 thus gives simple, continuous and direct measurements of the amount of carbon dioxide in the water that will affect the fish.

The analyzer is easy to calibrate using the front panel “slope” and “zero” adjustments – after which you just put the probe in the water and measure. Calibration intervals are long, and the OxyGuard CO2 does NOT need regular maintenance.

Technical Information

The OxyGuard CO2 Portable Dissolved CO2 Analyser consists of a probe and a battery powered transmitter. The latter has a display and an analogue signal as output. The probe is, as standard, delivered with a 3 meter cable. The transmitter has an on/off switch, “slope” and “zero” adjustments. A battery charger and calibration accessories, i.e. calibration beaker with stirrer, calibration fluid, calibration conditioner and dosing syringe are included.

Principle of Operation

The probe measures the carbon dioxide content of the water directly by detecting the carbon dioxide partial pressure in the water. It is important to note that it is NOT based on a pH measurement – it does NOT detect any change in pH that carbon dioxide causes. Neither does it withdraw a sample for analysis – it detects the free dissolved CO2- the carbon dioxide partial pressure – in the water.

The range of the instrument is 0-50 mg/L Before use the system is calibrated at zero and span. Calibration is carried out using the calibration fluid delivered with me system dissolved in distilled water mat has been treated with the calibration conditioner.

The OxyGuard CO2 Portable Dissolved CO2 Analyser can be ordered with or without a data logger. The logger can record 15000 values and has an output for connection to a PC, permitting both recorded values and immediate measurements to be stored and observed.

$3250 AUD

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