OxyGuard Salinity Meter

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Handy Salinity Meter

The Handy Salinity combines measurements of conductivity and temperature to give you direct readings of salinity. Switch it on, put it in the water and measure – just like all the Handy instruments!  The Handy salinity also shows the temperature and the conductivity.  The Handy Salinity meter is microprocessor controlled, ensuring correct calculation of the salinity
from the precise conductivity and temperature measurements.


  • Large Display
  • Choice of language
  • Choice of units
  • Multi-parameter
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Accurate
  • Automatic self-check
  • Automatic probe check
  • Long battery life
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Waterproof meter – short term submersible
  • Unaffected by surface bio-film
  • Specially designed for Aquaculture use

Technical Advantages:

Oxyguard Handy Salinity is an easy-to-use, trouble free way of measuring the salt content of water used in aquaculture and similar environments.  The instrument uses accurate conductivity and temperature measurements to determine the salinity.  The conductivity is measured using an inductive sensor so that deposits on the surface of the sensor have very little influence on the measurement.  Rigourous cleaning is not needed – just wipe the probe and clean the hole with a bottle brush as needed.

It is easy to select which parameter is shown in large figures – salinity, conductivity or temperature – just press the up or down arrow buttons!  Menu functions let the user select the display language, temperature units and display backlight intensity.  Otherwise just turn the Handy on and measure.

The battery life is long and the Handy Salinity can be ordered with practicaly any cable length, 3m is standard.

$1695.00 AUD

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