Celebrating our 30th Anniversary partnership with OxyGuard

We can’t believe that it is three decades since the collaboration between ourselves and OxyGuard International. Where has that time gone!  As small business owners we are immensely proud to have received the following message from Paw Petersen, CEO of OxyGuard International Denmark, congratulating us on our continued partnership now and into the future.

“These days it is three decades since the collaboration between OxyGuard International and Technolab with the amazing Scott Powell and Katrina Powell. The anniversary marks a journey built on trust, friendship and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our bond with Scott and Katrina is not only the story of a successful business alliance but also a genuine friendship, built up over the years. Our shared dedication to providing exceptional service and top-quality equipment has set a standard, and we cherish our relationship highly.

Scott and Katrina's willingness to go the extra mile for customers has been a cornerstone of Technolab’s success, earning them trust and loyalty. Even though we live far apart, it is always a lot of fun, good laughs and inspirational conversations when we talk or get the opportunity to meet.

Here's to thirty years of partnership, innovation and friendship, with hopefully many more years and adventures to come in the future.

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