DPIRD Pemberton WA project

Always a pleasure working with Andrew Beer who heads up the team at DPIRD Pemberton native fish hatchery in the south-west of WA.  The Pemberton Freshwater Research Centre (PFRC) is the largest freshwater hatchery and research facility in Western Australia with 32 ponds and 36 research tanks for hatching and rearing larval.

The production and stocking of trout is the centre’s primary function, but they are also leading the way in research for the endangered “hairy” Margaret River marron.  The centre has a captive breeding program for the marron before it becomes extinct in the wild.  The success of the facilities research and production of sterile triploid trout has also been recognised by many research institutions globally.

Our team were recently in Western Australia installing dissolved oxygen and temperature monitoring equipment and a control system for automatic feeding of the fish.

We wish Andrew and his team much success with their ongoing work into native and endangered fish in this area.

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