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The OxyGuard Anti-fouling Cap is a cap that inhibits growths on the membrane of OxyGuard standard probes, especially probes used in sea water. The cap is essentially the same as the normal cap, but is fitted with a cone made from a specially developed alloy. The cone surrounds the membrane and is effective in inhibiting marine organisms from attaching to and growing on the membrane. Tests conducted in warm and cold sea water indicate that the cap is particularly effective against barnacles.

The OxyGuard probe is designed to have little sensitivity to deposits on the membrane. Such deposits will, however, have some influence. If access to the probe for cleaning is
difficult, or if deposit growth rate is extreme. The Anti-fouling Cap will permit longer probe cleaning intervals and give more consistent measurement accuracy.

The Anti-fouling Cap is not recommended for use in small closed water systems (e.g. less than 0.5 m3 water).


Ordering information;

  • D10CAPFPPM cap with mg/1 membrane.
  • D10CAFSAT cap med % membrane.
  • D10CAF840 cap for Model 840 probes.
  • D10CAFC cap for commander probes.

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