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The OxyGuard Atlantic  is an accurate, reliable and easy to use oxygen meter with features ideal for use in the aquaculture industry such as Prawn farms, Carp farms and other facilities with individual, large ponds.

It measures both dissolved oxygen and temperature and has 4 relay outputs. The dissolved oxygen measurement is compensated for atmospheric pressure, which permits accurate control of aerators. The user can link set points to parameters as desired. Set points can then be linked to output relays. It is also possible to link set points together. This permits, for example, an aerator to be started both from a DO set point and a temperature set point.

  • Measurement principle = Oxygen, galvanic oxygen partial pressure cell, self polarizing, self temperature compensating.  Temperature Precision NTC.
  • Dimensions = Diameter 58 mm, length 59 mm.
  • Weight = Probe along 0.2kg. Probe with 7 metre cable 0.5 kg.
  • Connections = Cable, 4 lead, standard cable length 7 metres.
  • Accuracy = Depends on calibration and conditions.  Typically better than +/- 1% of value.
  • Output stability = In air at constant temperature stable to within +/- 1% over 1 year.

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