OxyGuard Portable Handy Salinity Meter


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The Handy Salinity is a hand-held instrument specifically designed for aquaculture use. Factory calibration and automatic temperature compensation make it very easy to use. 

The display shows the salinity directly.  Temperature is also measured and shown in the display.  The instrument incorporates automatic check functions to ensure reliability. 

The probe is designed to be as trouble-free as possible, with features especially suited for aquaculture use.  Inductive technology is used so that you don’t have to worry about deposits on the surface of the probe – all you have to do is ensure that the hole in the probe is open and relatively clean.

  • Large Display
  • Choice of Language
  • Choice of Units
  • Multi-parameter
  • Automatic Self Check
  • Automatic Probe Check
  • Long Battery Life
  • Waterproof meter – short term submersible
  • Inductive Type Probe
  • Unaffected by surface Bio-Film

Operating Conditions: Probe: -5 to +45C, meter -20 to +60C.

Encapsulation: Waterproof to max. 5m depth short-term.

Cable length:  3m or as ordered.

Measurements: Meter 89 mm dia x 36 mm.

Probe: 40 mm dia x 145 mm.

Measuring Range: 1-60.0 ppt and 0-100mS/cm.

Accuracy: Typically better than +/- 1% of measured value +/- digit.

Temperature: +/- 0.2C

Repeatability: Typically better than +/- 0.5% of Value.

Response Time: To 90% in less than 10 sec.

Self-Check of: Probe, meter, cable, battery.

Useful battery life: Approx. 2 years with 1 hour’s use per day or 5 months with 8 hours use per day.

Battery: 9V


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