OxyGuard Handy Polaris TGP Portable Total Gas Pressure & Dissolved Oxygen Meter


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The OxyGuard Handy Polaris TGP is a hand-held meter that measures the atmospheric pressure, the total dissolved gas pressure, the oxygen partial pressure and the temperature. 

It can operate in three modes, one where it acts as a standard Handy Polaris dissolved oxygen (DO) meter, one where it is a total gas pressure meter that shows pressures as percent saturation values and one where it is a total gas pressure meter that shows pressures as volume percentages.

The user can choose which value is shown in large figures in the display. This can, for example, be the percent saturation value for gases other than oxygen.

The instrument incorporates a data logger. Messages are on the display, and menu functions, make the Handy Polaris TGP easy to use.


Dimensions: Meter 98 mm diameter x 36 mm, Probe 58 mm  x 110 mm + cable gland

Cable length: Standard 3 m. Other on request.

Operating Conditions: Probe: -5 to +45C, meter -20 to +60C.

Encapsulation (meter): Short-term immersion proof to 5m

Display: Graphical LCD display.  Variable backlight.

Parameters measured: Oxygen partial pressure, atmospheric pressure, total dissolved gas pressure, temperature at probe.

Oxygen Probe Type: Galvanic cell, self-polarizing, self temperature compensating.

Self-Check of: Probe function, meter function, cable, battery.

Useful battery life: 35 days with 20 measurements per day (each of 2 minutes “on” time)

Accessories included: Storage pouch; DO probe membranes with O-rings & electrolyte, cathode cleaning pad, storage pouch.


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