OxyGuard Total Dissolved Gas Pressure Probe

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The OxyGuard TGP probe measures Total Dissolved Gas Pressure and is designed
specifically for use with OxyGuard Commander or Pacific systems. It can be added
to existing systems. It contains sensors for dissolved gas pressure and temperature.
The gases dissolved in water consist of oxygen and “other gases”. “Other gases” are
mainly nitrogen. It is important to measure if the water is supersaturated in order to
prevent the fish from getting gas bubble disease.

The Commander or Pacific system to which the probe is connected uses a dissolved
oxygen measurement made by a DO probe placed near the TGP probe for
calculations and presents the degrees of saturation for the total gas, dissolved
oxygen and for “other gas”.

  • Dimensions = Diameter 58 mm, overall length 107 mm (without cable gland).
  • Construction = POM plastic parts with silicon rubber tube.
  • Cable length = 7 meters or as ordered.
  • Weight = 700 gram with 7 m cable.
  • Output signal = OxyGuard field bus data signal for Commander, Convoy or Pacific systems.
  • Operating conditions = -5 to +45 C.  Depth depends on cable length.
  • Accuracy = +/- 2% 0 to 40 C.

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