Coral Coast Barramundi

Just north of Bowen is one of the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly aquaculture projects in Australia. Coral Coast Barramundi is Australia's premium supplier of saltwater Barramundi and has been in operation for over 14 years. They have been certified by the Australian Barramundi Farmers Association (ABFA) as an environmentally sustainable aquaculture fishery.

The grow-out farm consists of 24 flow through raceways.  The saltwater is sourced from the ocean to the farm 2km inland to minimise the farms footprint on the coastal ecosystem. Each raceway uses pure oxygen, injected into the water to maintain enough oxygen for the Barramundi to survive in the warm salt water and to be able to continue to be intensively farmed.

Technolab designed and installed the OxyGuard Pacific monitoring and control system to measure dissolved oxygen and turn on and off the oxygen injection to maintain the measurement set point in each raceway. This provided a very stable and optimal oxygen environment so the Barramundi could be grown more efficiently.  Alarm notification was an essential element to be included, not only for the protection of the fish stock but this also allowed better control of staffing over the night period.

In addition, the OxyGuard system automatically controls the timers for the paddle wheel installed in each raceway thus reducing the power requirement by having them turned off when they are not required.

Technolab also provided the Oxygen distribution panels for the delivery of the controlled oxygen, which allowed for a seamless installation with the control system at each pond.

One of the key elements which made this a successful installation is the Coral Coast Barramundi management and staff took the time and effort to install all the cable underground and installed quality enclosures to ensure the system operates to its maximum capabilities in this very harsh, hot and saltwater environment.

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