De Bruyn's Transport

The family owned company operating their head office in Burnie, Tasmania had invested a lot of time and money into the Tasmanian Salmon industry.  

Over the past 7 years Technolab has worked with De Bruyn's to help design and install the monitoring and control system on a total of 8 Salmon Smolt transfer B-Double Transport trucks.  Each Truck trailer has an OxyGuard Pacific System installed measuring Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and Dissolved CO2 in each compartment.  The DO level is then automatically controlled be delivering pure oxygen to ceramic air stones in each tank.  This provides the optimal DO level to keep the smolt safe and comfortable on up to 8-10-hour transports.  The measurement is then transmitted to the truck cabin so the truck driver can view the measurement and any alarm notification.

De Bruyns have utilised their in-house workshops to manufacture these state-of-the-art trailers to an exceptional quality and safety requirements for the operators.

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