Geraldton Fisherman's Co-Op

Having worked with Geraldton Fisherman's Co-Op previously, GFC contacted us again after the successful completion of their fish processing facility in Geraldton, Western Australia.

The brief for their new facility was to be part of a team building their crayfish holding facility in Welshpool, WA.  Covering over 4000m2, the purpose-built site is the world's largest rock lobster export facility.  The facility houses up to 220 tonnes of live lobster or crayfish as it more commonly referred to in Australia. With the site at Welshpool only 4km from Perth's international airport, the new aquaculture system would be able to house the rock lobster for immediate export to businesses in China.

This system was to be made up of 3 saltwater RAS systems. Our team installed the OxyGuard Pacific system which controls the measurement and monitoring of dissolved oxygen, redox, salinity and total gas pressure across 21 raceways. Full control and monitoring of the return, tank blower and bioreactor operating pressures and duty/standby management of all pumps were installed, including level and flow alarms across all systems.

Our congratulations to GFC and the Brolos brand lobsters on their amazing success in the aquaculture market and we wish them well for their future endeavours, both here in Australia and overseas.

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