Mainstream Aquaculture Queensland

At Mainstream, the Barramundi are grown and harvested at two farms nestled between the Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef. Both farms are located near Mourilyan, approximately 100km south of Cairns. In October 2018 Pejo Enterprises merged with Mainstream Aquaculture (a leading barramundi producer based in Werribee, Victoria) to become Mainstream Aquaculture Queensland.  This exciting collaboration between these two businesses combined the tremendous wealth of Barramundi knowledge the two companies have.

Technolab installed three OxyGuard Pacific Systems on each of their farms to measure dissolved oxygen and to control the paddle wheels on each pond based on time of day and/or oxygen measurement.  This has given the technical staff access to real time and logged data so the ponds can be more closely managed.  There also has been significate power savings in having the paddle wheels controlled automatically.

In 2020 Mainstream commissioned a new hatchery on site consisting of two RAS with 16 tanks.  The OxyGuard Pacific system monitors and controls the dissolved oxygen in each tank and monitors controls pH, redox and Salinity in the two sump systems.

Late this year (2020) an additional grow-out tank facility will be completed.  The OxyGuard system will be replicated the same as the other hatchery.  These grow out tanks with grow the barramundi to about 200g before heading out into the ponds.  The main reasons for this expansion is to control the loss of stock to predatory birds as larger fish are easier to protect compared to smaller fish and the management of water quality and feed control is optimal in RAS.

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