Mainstream Aquaculture Victoria

Mainstream Aquaculture’s state-of-the-art urban farm just outside Melbourne, raises Barramundi fingerlings and table fish Barramundi grown in geothermally heated spring water drawn from the ancient aquifer free of any industrial or biological pollutants.

When Mainstream was designing their new land based RAS grow out facility in Werribee Victoria, Technolab was approached to help design the filtration system. The RAS consisted of 2 systems each with a total flow rate of approximately 1,800 litres per second. This equated to 3.6 tons of water per second feeding the two biofilters!

Hydrotech hydraulic engineers together with Technolab designed and supplied two systems each comprising of 4 drum filters to effectively filter the return water from the 8 x 600m3 tanks.  To reduce the footprint of each system the emergency by-pass was built with sluice gates which opened if the intake channel exceeded a pre-set high level. 

The system was commissioned in December 2017.

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