Radaqua UAE

RADAQUA was contracted by Al Wathba Livestock Production to design, construct and manage a 120-tonne grouper (Hammour) production facility in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Construction commenced in June 2015 and the facility was commissioned in May 2016.  The design and operations for this project had to consider the unique site factors, including a desert location and high-water salinity, to successfully grow out a high value species with significant market demand both locally and across regional export markets.  

Technolab installed and commissioned the OxyGuard Commander Pacific System which maintains optimum water quality by monitoring and controlling dissolved oxygen in 26 grow out tanks. 

RADAQUA has also constructed a marine hatchery to produce 2 million weaned juveniles per year across multiple species, with construction completed and commissioned in October 2018. In this system Technolab extended the existing OxyGuard Commander Pacific system to be site wide, inclusive of the new hatchery requirements. An additional six OxyGuard Pacific Systems were installed to monitor Broodstock, Larval and weaning systems. In all over 60 sensors were installed.

Final plans are being developed for the construction of two additional grow out facilities on the site capable of producing 300 - 400 tonne per annum as well as a runway tank system for the growth of prawn species. Each which will be completed in 2020 and 2021.

Conceptual plans have also been developed for the construction of a glass house on site to aid in water treatment with will be included in the OxyGuard system.

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