Salmon Enterprises of Tasmania Pty Ltd (SALTAS)

A Tasmanian Salmon hatchery majority owned by Tassal Limited is located in central Tasmania, about an hour north west of Hobart.  Technolab together with Hydrotech hydraulic engineers designed and supplied a filtration system for the outlet water from their two flow through farm sites.  Each site required a filtration system for 700 litres per second.  We used 2 drum filters Hydrotech HDF1606 filters for this project. 

The unique design of the sump pit minimised the footprint of the system with the use of piped weir walls.  The piped weir walls for the outlet and emergency by-pass reduced a normal outlet/emergency wall length from 14.4m to 4.4m an overall reduction of 10m in width!  The system was installed at the outlet to the farms main settlement pond thus reducing the sediment load to the pond and to the environment. The system was commissioned in October 2019.

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